“La Croix du Verre”

“La Croix du Verre”

The name comes from a cross standing at a crossroads in the vineyards. Legend has it that wine-growers used to leave a glass and a bottle of wine for passing pilgrims to quench their thirst.

White “La Croix du Verre”


This white Crozes-Hermitage wine comes from over 50-year-old vines.

Our wine is made in oak barrels. The wine is aged over its lees for 8 months.

Red “La Croix du Verre”

This Crozes-Hermitage wine comes from over 50-year-old-vines.

The grapes are destemmed and the wine is made in closed tanks for at least 21 days. The wine is aged in barrels for 10 months.