2006 grape harvest – Red Crozes-Hermitage

2006 grape harvest – Red Crozes-Hermitage

Harvesting grapes for red Crozes Hermitage is in full swing!

It’s time for further information on the Crozes Hermitage Appellation:

The area stretches over 1,200 hectares. Larnage, ten other villages produce this AOC wine: Crozes-Hermitage of course, but also Serves-sur-Rhône, Erôme, Gervans, Tain l’Hermitage, Mercurol, Chanos Curson, La Roche de Glun, Beaumont Monteux and Pont de l’Isère.

It has been an Appellation since 1937.

Only Syrah grapes (for the reds) are used (sometimes with 15 % Roussane and Marsanne grapes).

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