When declining summer casts its last rays and when winter is on the way, the days gradually shorten, it is then the start of an ambiguous season the Greeks used to call Opora.The time of last  autumn fruits and grape-harvesting.

Opora is often shown as a beautiful lady or even as a goddess.

White Crozes-Hermitage”Opora”

This wine, 100% Marsanne.

It comes from only one  « terroir », in Larnage, where the chalky clay soil is unique.

The wine is made in stainless steel tanks with little wood. The wine is aged on its fine lees for 8 months without any stirring.

Too often overlooked, on some soils,  white Crozes-Hermitage wines can develop strong aromas that can rival some of their “cousins”.

“I thought it was a good idea to  revive rich traditional whites with a stress on soil rather than grape variety.”

Our advice: these wines will be a good choice for apéritifs. They will also be a good match for freshwater fish or seafood. They will also go well with starters. The best serving temperature is between 12 and 14 °C.

Red Crozes-Hermitage”Opora”

From the same soil as white Crozes-Hermitage, this 100% Syrah wine is exclusively made from grapes from hillside vineyards.

The grapes are destemmed. The wine is made in closed tanks with controlled temperatures. This process lasts at least 16 days.

“In  red Crozes-Hermitage, wood must be well-balanced to keep their typical aromas of spices and red fruit.”

Our advice: these wines go well with chicken, stews and roasted or grilled red meat. They will be a good choice for cold meats. The best serving temperature is between 16 and 18°C.